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Armoury Chamber tour is a must for every Moscow visitor. The name might be a little misleading since the museum houses not just weapons. In fact, weapons are one of the smaller collections presented there. Initially, the Kremlin Armoury was a workshop for royal weaponsmiths, but Peter the Great's orders transformed it into storage for rare and valuable items.You will see unique pieces of jewelry, royal regalia, tableware, clothes, carriages, book covers, ceremonial harnesses for horses - all unique and stunning in their lush beauty.

Museum exhibits:

  • The legendary Monomakh's cap, the symbol of Russian royalty
  • Sabers of Minin and Pozharsky
  • Chainmail and armor of ancient Russian warriors
  • Coronation dress of empress Catherine the Great
  • The only double-seated throne in the world, made for young tsars Ivan and Peter (who would later become Peter the Great)
  • The largest and most impressive collection of carriages in the world
  • Decorated vestments of the Russian Orthodox Church Hierarchs
Duration: 1.5 hours
You will visit 1 locations
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Ticket to the Armory
1500 rub./person

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    Оружейная палата на экскурсии для иностранцев от Экскурсионного бюро "Captour"
    Armoury Chamber tour
    Pedestrian1.5 hours



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