Kolomenskoye + Aleksey Mikhaylovich palace tour

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«Captour» invites you to travel back through time and space into the 14th century to see the grand residence of tzar Aleksey Mikhaylovich in the former royal estate Kolomenskoye.

During the tour to the Palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich you will learn:

  • All about the daily life of Russian royalty
  • The history behind the palace and its reconstruction
  • Why Catherine the Great decided to demolish the palace
  • The changes introduced by other rulers of the country

On a tour of the historical part of the Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve, you will hear the history of creation and see the architecture of the monuments of the 16th - 19th centuries:

  • The exceptional white spire of the Ascension church (1532)
  • Church of St. George and its standalone belltower (16th century)
  • Church of Our Lady of Kazan with its beautiful blue domes decorated with golden stars (17th century)
  • Church of John the Baptist on Dyakovo hill (16th century)
  • Peter the Great house (18th century) moved from the Northern Dvina

And much more!

At the end of our Kolomenskoye tour, you will be invited to have a traditional Russian meal with welcome drinks in one of the refectories.

*** When the weather is warm it is possible to rent electro cars for the tour.

Royal Hall in the Refectory

Welcome Drink and other dishes for guests

Tour of Moscow for foreigners "Kolomenskoye + Palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich" is conducted in English, German, French, Chinese, as well as in other languages ​​on request.

In the warm season, it is possible to rent an electric car or a pleasure train for guests during the tour. Check with managers for details.

The route will take 4 hours
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    Kolomenskoye + Aleksey Mikhaylovich palace tour
    Pedestrian4 hours



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