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Moscow tours package

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Шапка Мономаха в Оружейной палате на экскурсии для иностранцев от компании "Captour"
367 ratings
from 18400₽
Price for 1-2 person
Pedestrian3.5 hours
Экскурсия "Красная площадь - сердце Москвы" от Экскурсионного бюро "Captour"
796 ratings
from 11000₽
Price for 1-5 person
Pedestrian1.5 hours
Измайловский Кремль на экскурсии от Экскурсионного бюро "Captour"
433 grades
from 10600₽
Price for 1-5 person
Pedestrian2.5 hours
ВДНХ на экскурсии для иностранцев от Экскурсионного бюро "Captour"
300 ratings
from 15000₽
Price for 1-2 person
Pedestrian2.5 hours

«Captour» offers a variety of Moscow tour packages, based on our client’s goals, interests, and the time they have to enjoy the city:

– Sightseeing tours

If your stay in Moscow is going to be short, then a comfortable bus tour is the best option for you! You will get to see St. Basil’s Cathedral, the memorial complex in Victory Park, Cathedral of Christ the Savior, New Arbat street, Moscow International Business Centre, and other places of interest.

– Unusual

For our more experienced and frequent visitors, who are already familiar with the main attractions of the city, we offer something a bit more special. Those who love Russian literature can go on a tram ride and visit all the places Bulgakov wrote about. Those with a passion for Soviet history can visit Stalin’s bunker. Those who would like something more extreme are welcome to join us on an exciting tour of Moscow’s rooftops.

– Night tours

Moscow at night is breathtaking. You can choose between a bus sightseeing tour, a walking tour through the heart of the city and a cruise along the Moskva River, and a dinner on board.

– Individual

Some people prefer to explore the city at their own pace and have the guide’s undivided attention. Individual tours with a personal guide allow you to have more freedom to ask questions and decide where to go and thus are slightly more expensive than group tours.

– Metro tours

Moscow’s metro is one of the biggest (and, undoubtedly, most beautiful) underground systems in the world. It is amazing how the busiest metro system in Europe is not only accessible and easy to use but also visually stunning. The stations built in the 1950s are especially remarkable in their beauty – Kievskaya, Novoslobodskaya, Komsomolskaya – with their columns, frescoes, statues, and carvings.

We offer tours in English, German, Spanish, French, Bulgarian, and many other languages – all conducted by licensed professionals.

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