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Golden ring tours from Moscow

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The Golden Ring of Russia is the country’s calling card and an open-air museum of Russia’s rich history. This tour route was created in Soviet times to attract more guests from overseas and show them some of the country’s most beautiful landmarks. To this day, many tourists aim to see as much of Russia as they can in just a few days, and the Golden Ring tour from Moscow is the best option for this. You will see the heart and soul of Russia as it is – in its ancient cathedrals, palaces of limestone, grand gates, and mighty walls.

The route of your Golden Ring tour from Moscow will depend on your preferences. You can visit many smaller towns and villages that aren’t usually included as stops in regular Golden Ring tours. Each of those places is interesting in its own way – Myshkin, Rybinsk, Aleksandrov, Murom, Uglich, and many others. The most popular stops – the cities that form the ring itself – include:

– Sergiyev Posad

– Pereyaslavl-Zalessky

– Rostov Veliky

– Yaroslavl

– Kostroma

– Ivanovo

– Suzdal

– Vladimir

One of the best things about this tour is its availability at any time of the year – the Golden Ring and its churches, museums, palaces, and gates look stunning both in the sun, snow, and among the bright warm colors of the fallen leaves. It is interesting to come and see the cities of the Golden Ring again at different seasons and enjoy the unique atmosphere.

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