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The Diamond Fund is not just a museum that holds a unique collection of incredible artifacts. It is also the main treasury of Russia. But even the blinding, indescribable beauty of all the luxuriously decorated jewelry and precious stones and metals pales in comparison to the main exhibit - the Great Imperial Crown of Russia. Starting with the coronation ceremony of Catherine the Great, it was used by the monarchs of Russia from 1762 until the Russian monarchy's abolition in 1917. It remains one of the most prized possessions in any of the country's museums.

It is hard to believe, but the fantastic collection of the Diamond Fund started with a small chest in royal chambers, where Peter the Great ordered to keep the most expensive and beautiful valuables. Could he imagine back then that a small collection will turn into a true treasure trove in mere 300 years?

Museum exhibits:

  • Priceless historical artifacts: royal regalia, orders, and jewelry crafted for the members of the royal family
  • The main symbol of Russian monarchy - the Great Imperial Crown, decorated with 4936 diamonds, large white pearls, and red spinel
  • Jewelry made by the best Soviet craftsmen for the Diamond Fund collection
  • The Seven Wonders of the Diamond Fund - a collection of rare precious stones of truly impressive size
  • A collection of gold and platinum nuggets, the largest of which (the Great Triangle) weighs 35 kilograms

The exhibits are not only quite literally priceless but also carry within them pieces of history and are a tribute to the incredible craftsmanship of Russian artists.

Duration: 45 minutes
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    Сокровища Алмазного фонда на экскурсии от Экскурсионного бюро "Captour"
    The Diamond Fund tour
    Pedestrian45 min.



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