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We offer our clients a unique opportunity to see Moscow and its surroundings in an entirely new way - from a bird's eye view! A flood of emotions, excitement and amazing memories are guaranteed!

«Captour» is the market leader of plane and helicopter tours. You can see the reviews left by our clients on Yandex⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Robinson R44 flight (3 passengers + the pilot)

Customer focus is one of our company's core values. We approach each tour with utmost care, striving to create an unforgettable adventure for every client. We offer a multitude of options to customize your experience, as well as some special offers.

Choose the time and duration of the flight to see the tour itinerary:

Day flights
Night fligths

The options for daytime tours are listed below (you can choose between a flight around Moscow or in one of the regions). Daytime flights take place from 10:00 until sunset.

20 minutes
30 minutes
40 minutes
50 minutes (around Moscow)

This route combines the wonders of nature - lush green banks of Moskva river and the enormous Lytkarino quarry - with the beauty of man made creations - dainty cottages of «Bely Bereg» village and the churches of Transfiguration and St. Peter and Paul.

We offer two options for a 30-minute flight: the aforementioned route, including the churches of Transfiguration and St. Peter and Paul, elite cottage village «Bely Bereg», bird's eye view of Moskva river and Lytkarino quarry or a flight around Moscow. The latter entails a takeoff from Myachkovo airfield and a trip in the direction of Yaroslavskoe highway and back.

Enjoy the stunning views of the Moscow region's hidden gems - elegant cottages of «Bely Bereg» village on the bank of the Moskva river, majestic churches of Transfiguration and St. Peter and Paul, the white walls of Nikolo-Ugreshsky Monastery and the gorgeous Lytkarino quarry.

Avoid traffic jams and all the other inconveniences of car or bus tours by taking to the skies! Experience Moscow from a bird's eye view - its luscious green parks like «Losiny Ostrov», famous architectural landmarks like Stalin's skyscrapers or the giant towers of «Moskva City» business centre.

Ночная Москва с высоты полета вертолёта

Представьте, что вам выпала возможность увидеть вечернюю Москву с высоты птичьего полета, пролетев по МКАД. Звучит неплохо, а на самом деле это будет в сто раз лучше! Вы увидите огромные башни «Москва-Сити» так, как их мало кто когда-либо видел. Это уже не просто постройки, а настоящее урбанистическое произведение искусства. Также не упустите шикарные виды на заповедник «Лосиный остров», сталинские высотки, музейные комплексы и парковые зоны.

Night tours entail landing the helicopter after sunset. The prices for options listed below are for flights landing before 20:59. If you would like to book a later flight, please contact our manager.

30 minutes (Moscow at night)
50 minutes (Moscow at night)
Ночная Москва с высоты полета вертолёта

Even the most gorgeous and detailed shots of night Moscow from above cannot compare to the real thing! Experience the stunning views on a half an hour flight halfway around the city from Myachkovo airfield to Yaroslavskoe highway and back.

Ночной пейзаж Москвы из вертолета от компании "Captour"

A fifty-minute flight allows us to take you all the way around Moscow. You will see the skyscrapers of Moskva City business centre in all their glory, as well as  Stalin's high-rises, museums and parks, including the sprawling greens of «Losiny Ostrov».

Enjoy a short video we took during one of our flights

Our flight routes lie above some of the most beautiful sights of the Moscow region. To see the city itself, you can choose a route around Moscow above the Moscow Ring Road - flights directly above the city are prohibited by law.

We offer additional services for an extra cost:

  • Transfer to the airfield on a retro or VIP car
  • A beautiful bouquet of flowers and/or balloons
  • Fourchette with champagne and fruit
  • Photoshoots/videos

Proposal in a helicopter

You can surprise your significant other with a proposal during a flight. We can help you make this unforgettable moment even more memorable!

Personal gift certificate

Surprise your loved ones with a gift certificate for a flight. These certificates are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase and make for a great gift to your friend, partner, boss or colleague.

Flight prices depend on the duration of the tour and begin at 21 300 RUB. You can calculate the price using the online tool on this page or contact our manager at WhatsApp

Frequently asked questions:

Where do the flights take off from?

Our flights take off from Myachkovo airfield. We can arrange take-off from other airfields of Moscow for an additional cost (our helicopters are based at Myachkovo) - you can calculate the price with our manager.

Does the price change based on the number of passengers?

You rent the entire helicopter, so the price is the same for any number of passengers (maximum capacity: 3 passengers + a pilot)

Can we fly directly above Moscow?

Flights above the city are prohibited by the law, but we have a route that goes around the city over the Moscow Ring Road (this flight takes 50 minutes). Stunning panoramic views of the capital guaranteed!

How long in advance should I book a flight?

If you want to fly on a weekend we recommend that you book 5-7 days prior. If the flight is on a weekday, then you should book no later than 2-3 days in advance. It is possible to book a flight that same day, but the time slots may be limited.

Do I need a certificate for a flight?

No. Certificates are a gift option. The certificate holder can book a flight for any date they like within 6 months since the date of purchase.

How long are the gift certificates valid for?

Our gift certificates are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. The certificate holder can take up to 2 people with them (maximum capacity of our helicopters is 3 passengers + a pilot).

Do you have any other unusual tours?

Of course! These include a Tesla test-drive + a flight, a flight to a Special Forces camp + shooting training on its grounds, a flight + riding on tanks, flights around Moscow at night, flights around the cities of the Golden Ring of Russia and more!

What do I need to take with me?

Every passenger must have a passport with them (birth certificate is required for children under 14). We recommend wearing comfortable clothes and shoes.

How high does the helicopter go?

The average flight altitude is 250-300 meters.

Any advice for those flying for the first time?

No preparation is needed! Helicopter flights are completely safe. The cabin is protected from the wind and cold. All passengers will be given noise-cancelling headphones. Seatbelts must be fastened for the entire duration of the flight

Any restrictions for the passengers?

An individual passenger's weight must not exceed 120 kilograms. Pregnant women are allowed on the flights only during early pregnancy. Passengers with cardiac or neurological diseases should consult their doctor prior to the tour.

Can I take my child on a flight?

Children above the age of 6 are welcome on our tours (must be accompanied by parents or legal guardians).

Duration: 20 minutes
What is included in the price?
An unforgettable flight! The price does not depend on the number of passengers since you are renting an entire helicopter with a maximum capacity of 3 passengers and a pilot.
A tour of the airfield

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    Вертолетная прогулка от компании "Captour" на вертолете Robinson R44
    Helicopter tour in Moscow and Moscow region
    By helicopter20 min.



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