Izmaylovsky Kremlin + Master-class “Matryoshka painting”

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Travel through time and space to the good old days, to Izmaylovo Kremlin - a place that looks like something out of a fairytale. To fully immerse you in the atmosphere of this beautiful place, a guide dressed in traditional Russian garments will meet you at the gates and take you to the central square. You will learn about the significance of Izmaylovo throughout history, about the kremlins of Russia, and the details of the Izmaylovsky Kremlin design.

The second part of the tour involves a master-class in Russian doll decoration. A trained artist will help you paint over your own matryoshka, which you can take home as a unique souvenir.

Matryoshka painting in the Izmailovo Kremlin

You can also visit the flea market on the grounds of the Kremlin. You can find all kinds of oddities, antiques, and some of the works from contemporary Russian artists.

Duration: 2.5 hours
What is included in the price?
Excursion service
Kremlin in Izmailovo
600 rub./person

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    Измайловский Кремль на экскурсии от Экскурсионного бюро "Captour"
    Izmaylovsky Kremlin + Master-class “Matryoshka painting”
    Pedestrian2.5 hours



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