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«Captour» invites you to visit a Russian banya. On our Russian bathhouse tour, we will leave you in the hands of professional banschiks (bathers) and massage therapists. Every client will have a personal banschik who will attend to them and teach them all about the specifics and positive effects of each procedure. All procedures are also personalized, depending on the age, gender, and preferences of the guests. Our banya has three steam rooms, the pre-bath room with a real Russian stove, the hay barn, a comfortable lounge with an aquarium and a set of swings, a 3-meter deep swimming pool with underwater music, massage and spa rooms, fresh and soft crystal-clear snow and an ice-cold font to jump in.

Bath inside:

Why baths?

Avid lovers of the steam room do not need to be explained that the main person in the bath is the steamer. But, unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to find a suitable specialist, because the names of the best of them are transmitted exclusively among friends and acquaintances, since the demand for this service is huge. Visitors to the "steam rooms" with experience already know in advance who they will visit this week and where this master works.

Everything for your pleasure!

With the help of bath procedures, you, without any stress, cleanse your skin from urban dust and toxins.

Baths are suitable for the whole family!

The main landmark is the mood of customers, and the opportunity to relax in any company. The bath complex is focused not only on individual visits, but also on family vacations. Unfortunately, many people believe that the bath means only high temperatures and unbearable heat, so it is not suitable for everyone, especially when it comes to children. Often, among women there is also an erroneous opinion that going to the steam room is only an activity for mature men with the obligatory use of alcohol along with reckless friends. Andreevsky baths will easily disprove this myth! We invite you to take a look at the modern bathhouse! Here you can relax for the benefit of any organism. Both for the growing and for the formed. Comfortable temperature and pleasant atmosphere are guaranteed! Each client is provided with a personal steamer or massage therapist who performs all the necessary procedures and advises on the benefits of each of them. The load is selected individually, with an eye to the age and gender of the person. The kids will love it too!

Our Russian bathhouse tour is 5 hours long and includes:

  • Tea drinking
  • Sound therapy
  • 3 brooms
  • Cold soar
  • Honey salt scrub
  • Warming up the legs with mustard
  • Body wash
  • Kvass contrast
  • Body massage with bamboo brooms
  • Head massage
  • Sleep on a swing
  • Bathing in a vat with delicious tea

The maximum group size for our Russian bathhouse tour is six people.

Duration: 5 hours

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    СПА-клуб Андреевские бани
    Russian bath house tour
    Pedestrian5 hours



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