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Memo to tourists

Thank you for entrusting the organization of the tour or event to Captour. Providing you with quality services, we care about the comfort and safety of your holiday. In the "Memo to tourists" we have placed the basic rules for visiting excursions or other events. We will do our best to provide you with vivid impressions and warm memories!

General rules of conduct

  • It is necessary to follow the rules of safety and public behavior, including the rules of the order of places of temporary stay, places of excursions, museums, vehicles.
  • It is forbidden to drink alcohol, smoke, litter, use foul language.
  • Do not take any action aimed at deviating from the route of the tour, lagging behind the tour group, etc.
  • When driving on sidewalks, crossing the carriageway, follow the rules of the road.

Rules of conduct on the bus

  • It is forbidden to distract the driver while the vehicle is moving.
  • It is forbidden to place bags or other belongings of tourists in the aisles. For safety reasons, the passage must be free.
  • You must fasten your seat belts and do not unfasten them until the bus stops completely or the permission of the driver or accompanying person.
  • While the bus is moving, it is not allowed to stand or walk around the cabin.
  • In case of signs of motion sickness or nausea, you must immediately inform the accompanying person or guide.

Rules of conduct during walking tours

  • It is necessary to promptly inform the accompanying person (guide) about the deterioration of health or injuries.
  • It is not allowed to run around museums, touch exhibits, open the doors of office premises.
  • Photo and video shooting is carried out in accordance with the rules established in each case.
  • Tourists are advised not to leave their belongings unattended on excursions, food outlets, museums, theaters and other facilities.