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«Captour» invites you to descend into the depths of the legendary Moscow underground! No other city in the world can boast a public transportation system like it - Moscow metro is unique in its stunning beauty and functionality. Over a million people use the metro daily and usually don't even think twice about the gorgeous interiors around them.

The total length of the railways exceeds 400 kilometers, and this number keeps growing. The decorations on some of the stations are breathtaking in their beauty - the sculptures, frescoes, and expensive materials are befitting of a royal palace.

During our guided tour of the Moscow metro, you will learn about:

  • The founder of the system and the first steps of its construction
  • The evolution of the metro
  • The people behind the interior design of the station, their ideas, and the significance of some of the details and symbols
  • Myths and legends connected to the place
  • Some of the records set by the Moscow metro
  • The first stations, the creation of the Koltsevaya line with its incredibly beautiful stations
  • Whether or not the metro is connected to a secret bunker for the high-ranking government officials
  • Whether or not rockets are being built underground
  • Which station is decorated with icons of the Russian Orthodox church
  • How the metro operates at night
  • The ghosts of Moscow metro

And much more.

The route will take 1.5 hours
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    Московское метро на экскурсии для иностранцев от Экскурсионного бюро "Captour"
    Moscow metro station tour
    Pedestrian1.5 hours




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